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why use vistalab

We pride ourselves on our documentation, most of clients come from referrals or being people in the industry.  We often receive comments and feedback on our documentation directly form the people quoting and building from the drawings and we always hear appreciation for the level of information that we provide as it makes quoting much more accurate and also makes life a lot easier on site.  Engineers also like our designs as we consider the future structure locations of beams during the design process to make the construction cost as efficient as it possible.  

Not only this but the drawings form part of the contract between you and the builder so it’s important to have as much info on the drawings as possible, for example there could be something you wanted that isn’t shown on the drawings so the builder didn’t allow for it in his initial pricing, now they have to charge you extras for this additional item, which no one wants mid-way through a build.

Consideration is given to make our homes as cost efficient as possible with the aid of solar orientation to maximise heat gains in the winter and or reduce solar access in the summer for comfort, location of walls so that upper level walls sit over ground floor walls where possible to minimise additional structural support beams costs over wider open spaces below, room sizes dimensioned to accommodate common plasterboard sheet sizes to minimise wastage of excess material, this helps with a cost perspective to you the consumer and a small step to making the development a little step towards sustainable construction, not only this keeping to these sizes which step up on in increments of 300mm also work with other construction products like standard door and window sizes, standard structural beam spans for example.

Our experience with many local councils around metropolitan Melbourne and even some outer regional council offices, gives us a great insight to how local government functions, all councils can have their own complexities, difficulties and frustrations, but nothing that we can’t work around, we also work within the government planning scheme polices which should always mean a compliant design, but on some occasions we need to listen to council as they may want to see something more than the planning scheme states and in that case the easiest path is of least resistance and its best most of the time to make a minor compromises to the design to keep council on side, as the planning process can be the longest part of all.  We also give advice when possible on how we could avoid Town Planning altogether when dealing with minor renovations to existing homes and in some case a new home won’t require a planning permit as well.

With a vast mixture of building projects obtained over the years including renovations, custom homes, period renovation and replica period style homes, multi-level residential developments, unit/townhouse developments, Class 1b shared housing and commercial developments of all shapes, sizes and styles, even a Houseboat designs in Lake Eildon, we are lucky to have had the opportunity to have been engaged for such a diverse range over the years, this continues to help keep our design solutions fresh and responsive.