glen shian cres

glen shian crescent mount eliza

An existing pole house built on large diameter pine posts, clad in cedar outside and pine panel inside with raked ceilings and large windows, originally designed in 1978 by Melbourne Architect Kevin Borland, who also designed the local Mount Eliza North Primary School, The house needed a good update with modern features and some t.l.c., the house had a significant space under the house that was open for car parking and garden equipment storage, to respect the design and still get the added rooms we needed as the original house only had 2 bedrooms, an addition that was hidden underneath the existing structure seemed the most sympathetic approach, after some resistance from council over a rule that states that we can’t build 3 story homes in this area, when we weren’t adding any height to the development we eventually obtained consent come councils Town Planning department proceed.

The house has a new lease on life with new charred timber cladding outside, new glazing and window frames and a completely new fitout internally with some re-design of intern staircase as the previous stairs were non compliant with today’s relevant building regulations.