about us

where we began

With 10 years of experience in Building Design and drafting behind him, Daniel Hillman decided to start Vistalab in 2008 feeling that he would produce a product above and beyond what the majority of other offices where producing and in turn setting a better industry standard.  With clear and well-presented drawings that could help both council understand what was proposed for a smoother process and help clients and builders with reducing the need for confusion or conflict from lack of information all together.

Located in Mount Martha Daniel quickly acquired a handful of work of various types of developments from new homes, renovations and town house developments, building a good repour with the local Building Surveyors and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council and acquiring the appreciation of numerous people in the industry including clients, developers..

The idea was to make the experience a more fluent and a less stressful experience for everyone as the plans could be followed with minimal room for misinterpretation, which meant that all the consultants and trades could reading the plans and have a clear understand of the design and could accurately build & price with confidence.

In 2015 Vistalab relocated to the inner south eastern suburb of Mordialloc as the majority of development was shifting to areas such as Bonbeach, Parkdale / Mentone bay areas with some other jobs located in Cheltenham, Bentleigh and East Brighton with a large percentage of older housing stock in these areas being bought up by trades people, first time family developers trying to get into the market and full time developers.

Today with the changing in housing confidence going up and down due to market prices or banking confidence, in times of lesser excitement in the housing market we have more enquires for renovations of existing homes, where people are happy with where they live but just need a refresh, update or allow for their growing family.  And when the economy is much happier and on the up we see more contact from developers and builders wanting to split sites in to 2 or more subdivided lots and increase the density of a site to maximise their return or just hang on to the homes for borrowing equity for future developments.