about us

where we began

With 10 years of experience in Building Design and drafting behind him Daniel Hillman decided to start Vistalab in 2008 feeling that he would produce a product above and beyond what the majority of other offices where producing and in turn setting a better industry standard. With clear and well-presented drawings that could help both council understand what was proposed for a smoother process and help clients and builders with reducing the need for confusion or conflict from lack of information altogether…………..

why use vistalab

We pride ourselves on our documentation, most of clients come from referrals or being people in the industry.  We often receive comments and feedback on our documentation directly form the people quoting and building from the drawings and we always hear appreciation for the level of information that we provide as it makes quoting much more accurate and also makes life a lot easier on site.  Engineers also like our designs as we consider the future structure locations of beams during the design process to make the construction cost as efficient as it possible……………..

design principles

A strong focus is given to working with our clients to create a collaborative design, as we recognise that your home is an extension of you, it reflects who you are, each family operates daily life differently, we aim to tailor the design to way you function, we provide input and suggestions to guide you in the appropriate direction with regards to compliance with the ever-evolving Planning Policies, Building Regulations, Australian Standards as well as other site specific requirements that we need to be mindful of for example like flooding or bush fire prone areas, and with these rules in mind mix that all together in a seamless creation to provide a finished home that is a pleasure to live, work, play, and relax in………… 

building designer / draftsman / architects whats the difference

Building Designers in Victoria need to be registered as a registered building practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), with Professional Indemnity Insurance in place, which needs to be renewed yearly. Drawings are needed to be prepared by a registered building practitioner for Building Permit approvals…………

  • Daniel is super cooperative and provides a great service. Very professional and responsive.

    John Iacovangelo Avatar John Iacovangelo
    May 11, 2024
  • Daniel is exceptional at his craft. We had a bery bespoke new build and he bought it together for us. Responsive and effective lister. I highly recommend him.

    Ryan Lewis Avatar Ryan Lewis
    June 4, 2024
  • Daniel was great to deal with and really new how to maximise our site. I highly recommend him.

    James was we we we we Zweck Avatar James was we we we we Zweck
    February 3, 2020
  • A pleasure to work with. Understands council requirements in relation to any development. Paul Whitington Arboricultural Matters

    Paul Whitington Avatar Paul Whitington
    June 11, 2015
  • Daniel has been so helpful and lovely to deal with the whole journey and still now with trying to get our house up off the ground. Could not fault him in anyway. Full of ideas, would definitely recommend him 🙂

    danielle wylie Avatar danielle wylie
    June 11, 2016
  • I have worked with Daniel on several building projects, and would highly recommend his professionalism and attention to detail. From concept drawings to building permits, Daniel kept me informed to ensure a hassle free experience from both a builders and a developers point of view. Zahnix Construction

    Daniel Simpfendorfer Avatar Daniel Simpfendorfer
    June 11, 2013
  • Daniel was a breeze to work with and I highly recommend Vistalab. My townhouse project turned out a success thanks to Dan.

    Benny84 Avatar Benny84
    May 28, 2024
  • Daniel was a pleasure to work with. He was recommended to us by a friend and he was able to accomodate our urgent needs. Always available for communication and helped us through a difficult time. He was very easy to work with and never seemed fussed. I would highly recommend Daniel from Vistalab for your next project.

    john murone Avatar john murone
    December 6, 2018