what we do

the process

Step 1. Consultation & Acquire your design brief :

From this initial meeting and with knowledge of the property details before we have meet, we would be able to give you a good indication of what’s possible on your site.

It’s always better to meet onsite, but understand in some cases that’s not possible, this is so that we can walk through the opportunities you have with sight lines from your site, and also so that I can visually understand your site and any unique elements that will play a factor………….

why custom home design

Firstly when you go to a Volume builder you can only select a design that they already have in there catalogue with any combination they offer for facades, these are typically priced assuming no changes to their standard model you buy what you see, also assuming a completely flat site, anything that you changed or altered outside of this standard design would incur significant price increase / extra chargers which are typically be overpriced relative to work and materials actually required to achieve this outcome or tag a huge margin on top of the cost of works.  So typically, this is when we have clients that have liked a house then after adding all their changes and alterations to the design, they have decided that with the price increase their better off coming to a custom designed / custom built home……….

development types

We have designed many new homes, some on clean sites (just grassed land) but the majority of new homes are typically on sites where an existing house already stands, this doesn’t require too much additional work drawing wise but require council permission and a building permit for the demolition of any existing residence before the new work can commence.

A good house design should takes into consideration your site orientation and site features, neighbouring properties, view lines and many other contributing factors that can affect the location and layout of your home, while also taking into consideration any specific requirements or outcomes you want to see form the design layout……….

owner builder vs builders

Where we would recommend being an owner builder is when you’re trying to keep to a tight budget, and when you can afford to take time out of your week to keep an eye on things on site and answer any questions contractors may have for you.

And we would only recommend owner building when you are planning on living in the home for a long period of time, as you the owner builders are responsible for the 10 year warranty of the all works done, you can move out within the 10 years but your required to take out an insurance policy for the remaining time to cover the house construction, so people tend not to do an owner build if they plan on selling in a years’ time for example………