keith st

keith street parkdale

A stunning family home with high ceilings through out for a sense of space and light, simple lines and nice warm finishes throughout. With internal pool and light court and tree feature atrium viewed from entry.

This home started out as a renovation project to an existing home but once closure inspection of the existing house structure was made it was quickly determined that there would be to much restoration work to the existing house needed  and it was better to start with a clean slat and remove the existing house, which freed up many design possibilities.

With a large able to fit 4 cars or 2 cars with trailer storage inside and a workshop focus was also given to the outdoor living space and the internal views given to this space to gain extra light into as many areas of the house as possible.

You where first greeted with views from the entry to a Japanese Maple from the front door, then as you progressed through the house you then see the swimming pool which windows to its edge on 3 sides which you walk around past the kitchen to the the main living space.

In the living and kitchen we have raked ceilings with glazing to the ceiling in the ceiling for maximum solar access in the winter, throughout the remaining house we had 3m high ceilings which doesn’t sound like much more than the standard 2.7m high ceilings but that extra height made such a huge change to the feel of the rooms and this house, you don’t feel enclosed with this height ceiling, it sounds silly, but being inside this home really felt like you had a larger sense of space and would recommend it for any new build its amazing how something like space can have an huge impact effect on you.